Where Happy Souls Bloom

Balance at the spa Yoga & Retreat center

                       Life in Balance

BALANCE at the spa Yoga + Retreat Centre promotes balanced living by teaching the art of self care rituals. Combining both the physical and the spiritual the mental and the emotional to create a haven for growth, reflection, bliss and education. Using aesthetic treatments as a platform and completely recreating the meaning of what a spa and what self care means in the western world. By recreating the presentation of aesthetic and massage treatments enhancing the experience with Reiki and intuitive energy and providing a chemical free space to thrive in you are provided the opportunity to connect to your higher power, to self, the universe; educated and taught different skills that can be used to find a deeper meaning to your life, your purpose, to reach personal goals and create a life with more fulfilment and satisfaction. Balance at the spa Yoga + Retreat centre will share the passion of raw living and self connection in a healing environment.




where happy souls bloom


my name is ashley sprenger and i am an intuitive healer. i am receptive to the guidance of my angels and allow my self to be lead in there wisdom to heal the earth through these expressions and so much more 

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