Sharing my secrets BELOW


Hi Butterfly

I’m sharing with you how I use astrology to DISCOVER YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF + PURPOSE


What is a birth chart?


Your birth chart contains the energetic blueprint of the moment you took your first breath and I like to refer to it as your DEFAULT SETTINGS. There is so much information you can get from your birth chart but I’m looking specifically at how you can FIND INNER PEACE and true fulfillment by aligning with your authentic self, TRUTH, and PURPOSE!




Have you ever been asked …what’s your sign?


What they are asking for is your “sun”. What zodiac sign was the sun in at the moment you took your first breath. This represents your ego and it’s your outward expression. 


Then I look at the placement of your moon, this represents your emotions and unconscious drives. When there is an imbalance between the sun and the moon you aren’t able to clearly see your truth.  

Your truth lies in the ascendant which is the sign that was at the horizon at the moment of your birth


your purpose is hidden in the true node which relates to a mathematical point in the lunar orbit.




This ancient wisdom is a powerful tool that has acted as a compass directing, predicting, shaping, and aligning this existence to what it is today.

YOU are literally made of the same matter as the earth and the sky, containing the same energetic makeup that these elements contain, and you are directly influenced by their presence.

Each of the planets represent a different aspect of yourself. The zodiac sign is the energy your actions are filtered through, they make up your feel and vibe, or how you show up in the different areas of your expression.



Your sun energy is seen in your ego,

your moon energy is reflected in your emotions

The zodiac sign in your mercury influences how you communicate,

and your Venus shares insight of how you love.


By understanding your unique birth chart, and how these energies are expressing you are able to take back your power and become the main player while collaborating with astrology to co-create an aligned and authentic dream life and reality



Its ok to ask for help, the earth didn’t create isn’t self form one element. She used fire, water, earth, air and space and together they created the masterpiece that is the landscape of life.


You are here because you are in search of your truth. You have repeated the same cycles over and over again and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.


YOU ARE ready for a change.

(did you feel that? That feeling inside your body that's telling you "yes I am ready!")

The art of a happy soul will walk you through a 3 month journey of coming back in to the body, cultivating an unshakable bond with your self and soul while shinning the light on your why, your mission and all while harmonizing with the ebbs and flows of the earth.





What does your dream life look and feel like?


How important is it for you to take action today to make changes to align with your souls desires?

what are the consequences if you DONT act now? 




Wake up every day with a smile and a grateful heat, feeling rested, excited and thankful for another beautiful day you get to live.


Imagine  feeling confident, clear and connected to your purpose.


Feeling connected to something so much bigger then your self.


Imagine your dream life manifested 3 months from now… how would that feel?


Take a deep breath in

And exhale

Drop in to the emotion of your dream life


Its possible, its real and its already on its way to you!


That’s why you’re here,


your soul is guiding you in to the life you are craving NOW




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