About BALANCE at the spa Yoga + Retreat Centre 

My name is Ashley  and my journey with aesthetics began in 2009  upon graduating from Rinaldi college of Aesthetics. After working in the industry locally for one year i made the move to Kananaskis Alberta where i worked with leading organic skin and body care companies AVEDA and eminence. Living in the mountains was a great experience, but my curiosity for new adventure lead me to the city of Calgary one year later and once again i was exploring new territory.


Here i had the opportunity to work for the top AVEDA spa and salon for many years. During my time here i was able to grow my passion and knowledge for organic, ethically sourced and produced skin and body products, enhance my skill set while focusing on customer care. i was able to absorb every bit of knowledge passed down from educators, books of wisdom and personal experience, surpassing my expectations of what a career in aesthetics would provide. 

In 2014 i began by entrepreneurial journey as i opened up my mobile company with a focus on creating an environment for clients to let go and explore their sanctuary with in while in a space of comfort. During my time in Calgary i was able to connect with many like minded individuals, mentors and energies of inspiration while delving in to my own self development. Yoga and meditation have always gone hand in hand enhancing my every day abilities while in a career of physical stress. 

In 2016 the cosmos brought me back to my home town of Barrie On where i opened up  BALANCE at the spa, that shortly after grew in to BALANCE at the spa Yoga + Retreat Centre. In this space i provide treatments that embrace new technologies and respects ancient rituals while continuing to evolve and grow with the ever changing flows of life's vibrations. 

I have always felt a deep connection to mother nature and the universe, so in 2015 i decided to strengthen this bond by affirming my belief in energy and working toward my Reiki master certificate.  Over the past few years i began to integrate energy healing in to my practice and am now a certified Reiki master. I use Reiki in my every day and highly suggest it to anyone who is highly sensitive to the world around them, looking to find a deeper connection within them self,  the world or even looking for alternate methods of healing and coping.  

In 2017 my quest for growth in knowledge through travel had called to me and i made my way to Kerala India where i became a certified 200Hr RYT. I visited many Ayurvedic healing centres while in indian and bali leaving me inspired, igniting my passion to create treatments that provide guests the opportunity to let go and surrender all the superficial layers in hopes to connect to the space in side us all where the entire universe resides. 

2018 was a transformational year with not just the studio and spa but within. I expanded my practice by becoming a registered certified Reflexologist and will continue to grow my skill set staying up to date with knowledge and blending all these practices of healing to create breath taking treatments in hopes to heal the ancestral lineage that has brought you to this moment so you can live in a blissful state of harmony. 

N  A  M  A  S  T  E

Located in the heart of down town barrie,  just steps away from lakeshore on the second floor of 129 Dunlop St east. We are tucked away from the city noise in an exclusive and private environment.

Street parking is offered. The most convenient options would be Dunlop St east, Mulcaster St, Collier st (TD bank or street) or lakeshore parking.

BALANCE at the spa Yoga + Retreat centre is newly renovated. Providing full aesthetics, Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Retreats, Yoga, Meditations, sound + vibration healing and much more in a private bohemian style environment.

Our exclusive environment allows us to provide the highest quality in service paired with one on one time to answer any questions and concerns in an uninterrupted safe space. 

Our facility includes 1800 sq ft of space to share with you and your company. This includes the studio (Shala), Library, Treatment rooms, Zen space, washroom, Reception and Kitchen. 

You will experience the healing benefits of Raw plant material consisting of flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds or peels, butters and oils in our product line "The Balanced buddha".

Made in house using all natural, certified organic, RAW, kosher, cruelty free, vegan ingredients to bring your body to a state of homeostasis. 

ABOUT Ashley