Body Care Rituals

all ingredients are 100% natural, Raw and cruelty free. 

Detoxifying Mud Wrap

This treatment begins with a thorough full body exfoliation using citric acid, sodium bicarbonate and vitamin C to deep cleanse, brighten and oxygenate the skin. then the treatment provider will guide you to the shower where you will take your time to cleanse the scrub off in warm water while listening to soft music. the second part of the treatment begins with warm mud and seaweed application to the full body including tummy and chest where you will be wrapped up and given a foot and scalp massage. Taken to your private shower to rinse off and welcomed back in to a refreshed treatment room for a decadent full body massage including tummy, chest, scalp and face using herbal/carrier oils. before getting right in to the massage your treatment provider will apply an infusion, a layering of 10 therapeutic essential oils that aid in rebalancing, infection prevention, inflammation and healing of the vessel. Tuning forks will gently root you back in to the physical while still lingering in that space of stillness and spaciousness. never is there a rush take your time always as you re enter the world around your rising from the experience. 

Chamomile Oat Body Wrap 

Welcoming you in to this experience with ritual, and a gentle chamomile and brown sugar full body scrub. You will be guided to a private shower with vegan, plant based hair and body wash to cleans off the exfoliant.

Coming back in to the treatment room getting cozy in a warm bed, the treatment provide will apply an infusion to the spine and feet. An infusion is a layering of 10 therapeutic essential oils, this can be customized to meet the needs of you body otherwise the Chi protocol will be implemented. Flowing in to  decadent full body massage including tummy, chest, scalp and face with calming herbal/carrier oils.  A silky Oat mask is this applied to the entire body while you enjoy a sound bath. you will be reawakened  softly and taken to the shower to rinse off  this mask. The great benefit of Oat is that it leaves and invisible protective layer, barrier on the skin leaving you with last lasting hydrated, strong skin. never is there a rush take your time always as you re enter the world around your rising from the experience. 

3.5 hours    $ 355

Deep body exfoliation 

Surrounded by the sounds of ocean waves and gentle melody's honoring Gia, Mother earth are echoed from your treatment provider. This is a heart opening experience that touches on unity and oneness of all that is. You will feel the sandy exfoliation polish your full body including hands, feet, tummy, heart, and face. This polish is made fresh just for you and brings about emotions of clarity and inner peace. You will then be guided to the private shower to thoroughly rinse off and be provided herbal water infused with flower petals and given a self love ritual  to partake in before re-entering the experience. Before settling back in to the session we come together for embodiment, shaping the physical food body in to that of the highest divine frequencies. You will be anointed with flower petals, and jojoba oil on your pulse points and indulge in a piece of vegan chocolate allowing it to slowly melt in the mouth while sinking back in to the treatment in preparation for full body massage. meditation bells, and gentle tones will bring you back to this realm, to earth and back in to your reality feeling rejuvenated, loved and cared for. 

2 hrs  $205



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