One on One | YOGA

You will be guided through a layering of a variety of different vedic practices.

I will pull practices that best suit your energetic blueprint by reading your cosmic chart; where the cosmos was the moment you took your first breath and take you in to moments of self exploration, connection & expansion through asana, breath, meditation + ritual in a safe and sacred space.

I will introduce presence and awareness through practices that tap in to the senses and engaging with your vessels inherent abilities. This can be expressed in touch, sound, vibration, aroma, taste ect.

Then I guide you through a session of mindfulness, movement, meditation & beyond. you will be provided the opportunity to cultivate a deeper connection to Mother Earth, the cosmos, expand your self of self while tapping in to the cosmic energies present at that time.

Clients have used one on one yoga for the following 

🌕 To create a life most authentic to there highest expression of self.

🌔 To Improve mobility, strength and ability ex. able to sit cross legged

🌗 Cope with life, manage mental health
ex. Depression, anxiety.

🌘 Deepen knowledge of Asana (posture) structured like a mini yoga teacher trainer course

🌔 Connect to self (all age levels) while honoring the earth and all its beauty 

🌓 Deepen personal practices (for beginners + advance)

🌒 To be guided in to a transcendent, psychedelic state in safety and trust.

🌑 Work through trauma in all its forms

🌙 Embody oneness

4,  90 minute classes 

weekly or biweekly sessions 

$ 360 +hst 

Right now save 106$ (first 3 months) 



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