Full/New Moon  Spiritual session          


"The Full and New moon spiritual session is one-on-one or a private event, for you & your friends, bestie, family member or partner where we evoke the divine energies within, strengthening your prana or life force and rise up in to the most authentic of self."


We come together with the intention of  harnessing the most active and alive energies pouring down upon us from the cosmos above with emphasis on The Moon "Luna" and how we can utilize her placement in the sky to expanded our consciousness

Each month The Full Moon will be in a "zodiac" sign and in a" house". These elements will be the guiding force or theme of the session while looking at how these energies may be influencing you referencing your natal chart. 


I will provide a safe, supportive,  nourishing space where you are guided in  connecting with your higher self, your angels, the universe, mother earth and all that lies in that space of the unknown. 


In this sacred space i will  layer different Vedic practices. These are ancient practices of the gods presented in Ritual, Ceremony, Sound and vibration, asana (movement), mudra (hand postures), pranayama (breath practice), Locks (mulbundha ect) meditation, connection, awareness and more. 

 I will bring your awareness from the starts in the sky, to the street outside and noise of the world to the Shala (Yoga studio) to your body, your breath, the beat of your heart to the space in you where the entire universe resides. I will entice the senses and speak to your soul through sounds and smells, activating the chakras you will strengthen your life force and through a layering of a variety of different practices alter your state of being while taking time to acknowledge any shifts in your energy, any sensations present and untimely  lead you down a path of enlightenment. 


This is in  an opportunity  to expand your awareness of self, the universe and connect with the brilliant divine consciousness  that makes up your soul and all of creation. It is a beautiful journey of connection and unity that will detangle all of the magical elements of your essence leaving you in the most authentic frequency. 


By taping in to the Full moon (shedding, releasing, nurturing, safety) and New moon (manifestation, intention setting, celebrating, creating) energies,  exploring the low and high expression of these vibrations you are provided an opportunity to break through barriers and release what’s no longer needed in your journey while realigning with what is so you can draw in the reality that suits your truth.

When creating space on a monthly basis to honor Luna, recognize and embrace the ebbs and flows of this habitat, earth, the energies within you tend to shift. As you surrender the lower vibrational frequencies through these practices you elevate your frequency echoing out vibrations of connection, rooted, unconditional love, compassion, harmony, confidence, happiness, truth, purity ect..  this can been reflected in the changes in your reality, life, mindset, way of life, as i have seen in my personal journey and those of my clients.  


Offer your self a space to feel heard, supported, included, and an opportunity to extend the same magic to your self and to others not just here in the session but for all living beings under the umbrella of the sun.

Group of 3-6  (6hrs)

includes: Plant based treats, lunch, Fruit infused spring water 


One-on-One (3-4hrs)

includes: customized session as mentioned above with lunch, energy healing, massage

100$ per hr