R  E  T  R  E  A  T  S

half day retreat is 4 hrs long 

100$ per hr

may include the following rituals based off your birth chart 


Clearing Ritual 

This ritual begins by choosing an oracle card (we will refer to this as a message from the universe) and setting an intention.Then with closed eyes you are guided in breath awareness while comfortably laying, with bolsters under your legs and back, on beautiful wooden floors in the Yoga Shala. The energy healer will flood the room with universal life force energy (Reiki) while burning dried herbs and plants; such as sage and lavender. This will clear the space of any unwanted energies and welcome pure vitality in to the sanctuary.  Beginning with 3 OMs and a mantra chant. This will exude a vibration influencing the energetic body. The energy healer will gently compress along the body to provide a grounded and present mind.  Completing the ceremony with holy water (from the Tirta Empul Temple in central bali) on the third eye and crown chakras.

Fire Ritual 

Here we invite the element of fire and wind to let go and embrace a new mindset. Burn sage upon entering the Shala and moving the smoke of sage throughout the room  by means of a turkey feather. This feather symbolizes change; allowing the participant to shift in to a field of productiveness, abundance and pride.  Beginning this Ritual with breath work and chant in a sacred atmosphere while energetically tethering our auric body to the core of the earth and expanding the awareness to the infinite universe. Here we join hands while we breath and chant. This allows the body to restore balance and clarity while awakening the throat chakra; our communication centre. This will present the opportunity to connect to your truth with clarity on  exactly where you want to direct your mindset. Closing this Ritual with reflection and a burning ceremony.  You will burn your affirmation sending this message to your higher power, angles or guides allowing them to hear your truth and help maintain this alignment as you move towards  future endeavor. 

Water Earth Ritual 

This Ritual Introduces elements of earth and water to clear the energy centres of the hands and feet. Beginning this ceremony with the feet in warm water while the body rests on a papasan chairs connecting to the elements of earth. The element of earth brought in to this Ritual resides in the gemstones that infuse the water with there grounding  and balancing vibration. Though out this ceremony you will hear chants that acknowledges and expresses gratitude to all the people who have passed down yoga for thousands of years as well as bowing to your practice and all that it teaches you, trusting in the process and letting go of attachment. In Buddhist practice two of the four noble truths are life is suffering and the cause of suffering is attachment so here we bring our self to a space off letting go. This chant continues with "reveal to us our true self so we can become happy" and that is exactly what you will do here in this Ritual. The energy healer will guide you in breath work and body awareness before allowing you space to clear the hand centres and intention setting.