fresh plant based ingredients


45 min - $ 65

60 min - $ 90 

90 min - $ 120

Balance Facial       90 min                                                                                                                       

This little piece of heaven begins by experiencing the luxury of heat on your feet and stretching the legs to calm the body and begin the journey to pure bliss.  Before we even begin, all the tension and stress is removed from your body with compressions and a scalp massage.  This service is customized to meet the needs of your skin. Using 100% natural certified organic and RAW products.  Skin is cleansed with the clarisonic to remove any surface debris, then toned and exfoliated. Two masks will treat the targeted needs of the skin. During the masking process, the hands and feet will be massaged. This is a head to toe experience that will leave you feeling truly pampered.

Glow Facial        90 min                       


This is the perfect treatment for someone who is looking for that youthful glow to their skin! This service begins with a hand and arm exfoliation, custom made for your body. This service treats the chest, neck and face with a Microderm exfoliant and a Vitamin C concentrated treatment. Targeted pigmentation ingredients, used along side a muscle toning massage technique, tighten and nourish the skin structure.  A collagen eye pad treatment is used under the brightening mask to reduce the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin looking and feeling younger and fresher then ever before.  

Calm Down Facial       90 min              


This is a great treatment for someone who has red, hot or sunburned skin. Two treatment masks targeting the issues, this treatment can reduce the redness and irritation, as well as balance skin tone. Using an all natural RAW calming cleanser, combined with 100% natural micro exfoliant, to gently smooth the skins texture. This prepares the skin to accept all the calming benefits of the cooling chamomile compress and oatmeal mask. The scalp massage helps you relax and aids in a more youthful appearance. Closing the facial with an avocado mask to nourish the skin, a final eye serum and day cream is applied to complete this redness relief calming facial treatment.

Healing Hydration Facial       90 min    


This treatment targets chapped dry skin. As you relax on the pillow filled massage table you begin the journey to soft hydrated skin with an argon oil scalp massage. Then move in to cleansing and exfoliating the skin, preparing the skin to accept the maximum hydration. A chest, neck and facial massage with the exact ingredients your skin needs set the skin as we begin the transformation with a paraffin facial mask. Body massage will relax any tension through out your body, mind and soul as your skin is nourished and brought right back to where you want it!. Completing the journey with a final facial mask and cream application to lock in all the benefits of this treatment. 

Back Facial    90 min 

                        60 min                  

Going away on vacation, getting ready for summer, having issues you want addressed or just looking to relax a back facial is definitely something everyone should try. This 90 min treatment is just as through as any one of our facials, treating all  your concerns and making you feel like you never have before. cease, tone and exfoliation all customized to your skin and prepared right in from of you will create the best environment for your skin to except all the treatment serum and nourishment your back needs. Including a full foot and leg massage as well as hand and arm massage with raw, certified organic ingredients to treat your concerns and leave your skin feeling its best !

Ingrown care ​    45 min 

This treatment is meant for those who suffer from an over abundance of ingrown hairs and can be done on the back as well. Using a high intensity mechanical exfoliation along with calming and cooling ingredient to prevent inflammation and irritation. closing this treatment with recovery oils and hydration this is an effective way to immediately reduce the amount of ingrown hairs you have. we will also remove unwanted ingrown hairs. 

Aromatherapy Facial     60 min 

                                           90 min 

This is a power house facial that uses DoTerra essential oils, with the highest potency to see the most results! using Frankincense, Myrrh and helichrysum and a variety of other oil that are best for your skin type along with specific massage technique to heal, recover and regenerate your skin. 

Smoothie Bowl Facial     60 min 

                                            90 min 

This is a fun facial that targets your specific needs using raw plans by juicing them fresh for your treatment and using our dehydrated fruits, seaweeds, vitamins and more to enhance the effects of the juiced ingredients. Raw cucumbers are paced over the eyes to help with puffiness and dark circles. This is a tropical facial that will leaving you feeling fresh with a gorgeous glow !

Customized Facial    45 min 

                                     60 min 

                                     90 min 

This facial is customized to meet the needs of your skin. Targeting your specific needs and working toward your skin goals. Using anything from 1 to 3 masks, incorporating the high frequency machine and extractions if needed. This treatment includes massage of the face neck and shoulders and depending on the time foot leg and hand and arm massage. 

Crystal skin care facial  90 min                                      

Let go and surrender with a crystal skin care facial. This ritual calls upon the energy of mother earth to help you let go, surrender and allow the earth to absorb any unwanted energy. We begin this treatment with a foot cleanse and guided meditation to help you ground your self and get bak in to your body. This treatment focused on the health of the skin; by customizing your ingredients to meet your specific need and pairing with crystals that best align with your skin care intentions. This treatments is good for detoxing the skin, anti-aging and removing stress from our aura. 



I claim no medical benefit from receiving these treatments & recommend consulting your doctor if you have concerns about receiving any of the treatments listed.