Pedicure Indian Head Massage                  $ 230                                     2 hours 

 A pedicure meant for royalty this experience is done on a pillow filled heated massage table and your back is elevated with a gentle weighted eye bag covering the eyes. The aroma of Frankincense infuses each breath providing a feeling of safety and trust while the healing vibration of singing bowls from Varkala beach India and gentle chanting echo through the space. Your feet soak in a warm Dead Sea salt foot bath while the treatment provider smudges the space and grounds your essence through breath and body awareness. This treatment offers a full pedicure including cuticle nipping, nail filing and shaping, buffing of the heals, foot and leg exfoliation, foot massage and paraffin wax treatment. While the paraffin wax treatment is hydrating the feet warmed argon oil is poured on the scalp. Oil is massaged in to the scalp, hair, neck, shoulders and face using intentional yet soothing movement. Tuning forks are used along the Nadis or energy centers on the crown, neck, chest and feet. You are gently reawaken and taken in to the zen room for polish application and offered tea or a water infusion.

Reflexology Pedicure                                   $ 230                                  2.5 hours

Looking to try something new but still want all the traditional toe, foot & nail work? This is the pedicure for you! Start off by soaking the feet in warm water while your eyes are closed and a warm towel wrapped around the neck. A traditional clean up including filing shaping the nails, buffing the feet, cuticle clipping and an aromatic sugar scrub up to the knees. once all the tickly work is done you will hear soft melody's of  mantra chant paired with a singing bowl that emanates the frequency of the cosmos and drift off to a meditation that takes you on a journey to the soul while a full reflexology session not only relaxes the feet but also promotes detoxification & renewal threw out the entire body. This treatment is completed with a healthy nail treatment and your favorite polish color.

Foot Ritual                                                      $200                                     2 hours


This experience will take you away from chaos of life with feet wrapped in warm water and grounding stones below. You will be guided in releasing all that is unwanted and unnecessary within your frequency. Your state of being will be flooded with theta and delta waves to alter your state of consciousness in to that of a deep meditative state. A nourishing scalp massage and vibration healing will awaken the crown and third eye chakras allowing you to tap in to a well of abundance and meet your higher self while strengthening your prana, life force. Then we will make our way down to the energy centers of the feet for a full pedicure including a scrub and massage along with tuning forks on the reflex points. While the polish is drying you will be taken away with the harmonious frequency’s emanating from crystal sound bowels.

IONIC FOOT BATH                                   $ 65                                       1 hour

The Ion Detoxifying foot bath is essentially electrolysis of water to break down water molecules into thousands of ions that in turn create an electromagnetic energy field that travels through the feet and permeates the body. Once inside the body these ions start to neutralize the toxins within the body and draw them out of the body through osmosis. The ions increase the body’s life energy. This safe and painless tool is used to detoxify and balance the energy meridians of the body by the creation of this ionic field which helps to neutralize and eliminate harmful free radicals while removing unwanted debris. At the same time the treatment helps to balance the pH of the body. During the foot bath the body easily absorbs negative ions which neutralize free radicals and allow cells to more readily release toxins and absorb oxygen. Completing this detox the therapist will remove any debris with a warm towel and close with a gentle cream application. 

Reiki Reflexology                                     $ 225                                        2.15 hours

Combining ritual with both Reflexology & Reiki to create the perfect space for relaxation. Beginning with a foot soak as we purify the energy centres of the feet while being guided in pranayama (breath control). Settling in to the massage bed as we move in to a 60 min reflexology treatment. Reflexology works the reflexes of the feet through specialized form of touch. This enhances blood circulation, increases oxygen levels and lymphatic flow as well as helping to promote the natural function of the body. Once we have balanced the physical body through reflexology we align the energetic and auric body with a 45 min Reiki treatment. Reiki is a form of energy healing. By connecting to the universal life force energy practitioners are able to transfer this abundance of energy in to our guest encouraging emotional and physical realignment while balancing the chakras. An oracle card with a message from the universe is pulled and read as you are gently reawakened from a space of peace. 

Sacred Clearing Reflexology                        $170                                      2 hours 

This two hour session begins by cleansing the souls with which hazel infused with lavender and spearmint along with a sage, lavender and sumac smudge of the space. 


I claim no medical benefit from receiving these treatments & recommend consulting your doctor if you have concerns about receiving any of the treatments listed.