Bundle Massage Ritual                                $ 199                                       2.5 hours

This is a wonderful treatment using fresh herbs such as St johns wart, Holey basil, Rose petals, Chamomile, Pau D'arrco bark, Calendula petals, Sarsaparilla root, Senna leaf, Acai berry, Cardamom seed & more. This massage has many benefits such as providing relief from pain, inflammation, swelling and stiffness of joints. Improves circulation. Increases the peripheral blood supply, so it also helps in improving complexion of the skin. Induces good sleep and reduces stress. It relieves body ache and strengthens muscles and skin. It has detoxifier properties for the skin, removes the toxins through the pores of the skin, and lowers the tendency of skin diseases.


 First cleansing the feet in a rose petal foot bath while receiving a gentle scalp massage along with our clearing ritual. (for more info click on Rituals tab under Retreat tab). Opening the treatment with sage cleanse, meditative verbiage & the sound of a bamboo flute & meditation bells. We begin by pounding the warm bundles over the entire body (these bundles have been soaking in many hydrating oil such as hemp, jojoba and avocado to release the essence of these herbs in to your massage oil) We then massage the entire body with long firm strokes stimulating the lymphatic system. Using warm jade stones on the feet. 30 min Reiki. Reawakening with compressions, meditative verbiage & the beautiful bamboo flute.

Reiki Reflexology                                     $ 150                                        2.15 hours

Combining ritual with both Reflexology & Reiki to create the perfect space for relaxation. Beginning with a foot soak as we purify the energy centres of the feet while being guided in pranayama (breath control). Settling in to the massage bed as we move in to a 60 min reflexology treatment. Reflexology works the reflexes of the feet through specialized form of touch. This enhances blood circulation, increases oxygen levels and lymphatic flow as well as helping to promote the natural function of the body. Once we have balanced the physical body through reflexology we align the energetic and auric body with a 45 min Reiki treatment. Reiki is a form of energy healing. By connecting to the universal life force energy practitioners are able to transfer this abundance of energy in to our guest encouraging emotional and physical realignment while balancing the chakras. An oracle card with a message from the universe is pulled and read as you are gently reawakened from a space of peace. 

Pedicure Indian Head Massage             $ 125                                     2 hours 

A pedicure for the royalty of pedicures, this treatment begins with a gentle weighted eye bag covering the eyes as the healing vibration of singing bowls and chanting calm your energy and awaken your essence while the feet soak in a warm Dead Sea salt foot bath. A full pedicure including cuticle nipping, nail filing and shaping, buffing of the heals and relaxing foot massage with a paraffin wax treatment is applied before warmed argon oil is poured on the scalp. Oil is massaged in to the scalp, hair, neck, shoulders and face relaxing any tension that resides within the body. Using strong vigorous yet soothing movement before compressing the body down to the knees for polish application. 


Facial Body Massage                            $ 210                                            3 hours

Treat your body to the ultimate renewal. Align all your chakras with this whole body and healing treatment. By massaging the skin with warmed RAW oils and butters customize to meet the needs of your skin. Every ingredient hand picked and with pure intent ! Relax sore muscles with an hour body massage using stones along with Reiki treatment to focus on balancing the body and spirit! Completing this package your skin will be cleansed toned and exfoliated as well as treated and replenished. Using organic pure kosher RAW ingredients your skin knows best.

Hydrating Paraffin Body Wrap            $ 175                                               2 hours 

This is a decadent full body treatment includes an abundance of hydrating oils and butter such as avocado, hemp, jojoba, chia, Shea, cocoa, VE. These oils are applied to the entire body and left on for 45 + min. As you are wrapped in this bundle of joy a relaxing scalp massage using argon oil calms the mind and brings you to that blissful space. This treatment also includes a warm paraffin treatment on the feet & hands. After your scalp massage your therapist will continue with a full head to toe massage, targeting any specific issues if requested & re awaken you from this renewing space by meditation.

Goddess Crystal skin care Ritual          $ 195                                                2.5  hours 

Let go and surrender with a crystal skin care treatment. This ritual calls upon the energy of mother earth to help you let go, surrender and allow the earth to absorb any unwanted energy. We begin this treatment with a foot cleanse and guided meditation to help you ground your self and get back in to your body. This treatment focuses on the health of the skin; by customizing your ingredients to meet your specific need and pairing with crystals that best align with your skin care intentions. This treatment is good for detoxing the skin, anti-aging and removing stress from our aura. Completing this treatment with a 45 min Reiki treatment to bring balance to each chakra. We also introduce a fun crystal ritual you can do at home!

Beautiful Massage Ritual                          $199                                               2.5 hours

The beautiful body massage mist carries uplifting & energizing aromatic benefits as well as hydrating the skin for an overall healthy glow. Treatment provider will incorporate the enchanting sounds of mystical instruments with calm meditative verbiage and soft tones to inspire a sense of spiritual mystery & fascination, while providing a safe & sacred space to let go relax and or find your inner truth. Limbs, back, stomach, hands, feet, scalp & face are massaged  + Universal life force energy (Reiki) is present through out this experience. After reawakening by meditation & chant a gentle face cleanse, VE mask and powerhouse cell strengthening essential oils treat and revive the skin. This treatment has 3 main components beginning with Ritual, purifying the hand and feet energy centres. Then moving in to a 90 min relaxation massage (full description under the massage tab) using meditative verbiage and universal life force energy and closing with a gently facial. 

I claim no medical benefit from receiving these treatments & recommend consulting your doctor if you have concerns about receiving any of the treatments listed.