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Giving you the opportunity to connect to your higher power, self and the universe

60 min         75$

90 min         90$

120 min        125$


This massage is targeted to relax the body, mind & soul. Using light, medium or firm pressure this massage flows from the toes to the glutes to the shoulders down the arms to the hands using long sweeping movements along one entire side of the body working the larger muscle groups. This massage is ayurvedic style and done without any undergarments on. The treatment provider will use finger, hand, arms and elbow movements to meet the needs of your body and desired goals - to relax and unwind or get the knots out its a massage that checks all the boxes! and to top it off you will experience the beautiful aroma of DoTerra Balance oil as well as hot towels on the feet.




Meditation and massage have valuable healing benefits to the mind and body. This is a holistic approach to healing both physical and mental stress. Guided meditation and breathing exercises settle the mind and relaxation massage will soothe the body. Gentle tones and vibrations of singing bowls will further your ability to let go of day to day stresses and aid in the  healing of this treatment.  This is an experience especially for those who are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or just clouded.


Massaging pressure points of the human body can help relieve pain, improve circulation and channel the flow of energy. There are hundreds of pressure points all over the body. Most are found in soft tissue near bundles of nerves and joints.  This is a unique massage that combines massage with the  pressure points in the entire body to further your experience and results. In this treatment we can use the finger or a pressure point tool to activate the point further.


This treatment begins with an inviting mantra chant of peace and gratitude. Touching on the feet, shoulders, neck, facial pressure points, back and of course a decant scalp massage using warmed Argon oil. This oil is used to hydrate the hair and scalp, while a calm yet vigorous scalp massage is performed to release tension throughout. Great treatment for those who suffer with chronic headaches.


Combining both Reiki and massage to bring balance to the body and mind. This treatment begins with hot towels compressions around the feet. Beginning with a 60 min full body massage incorporating the scalp. The gentle sound of a bell will signify the beginning of the massage, Reiki and closing of the treatment. Before being the Reiki treatment we will cleanse the room with sage, verbalize affirmation and place stones along the chakra points. This is the ultimate way to relax and bring bliss to the body, mind and soul.




This massage is enhanced with the Doterra Deep blue oil; that is clinically proven to help with muscle tension. In this massage we use firm pressure manipulating the muscle with the forearm and elbow for a deep massage, alleviating sore tired muscles.



In this massage we focus on the limbs. While laying on a pillow filled massage table, heated neck pillow and sleep mask to begin the journey of relaxation. Treatment provider will thoroughly massage all the muscles in the feet and legs, hands and arms and touching on the shoulder and neck. Activating some of the pressure points in the feet and hands. This is a great massage for those who are on their feet all day, on a computer or find them self with tired sore muscles of the feet and hands.



This hot stone massage is wonderful on a cold day and great for tight muscles as the hot stones are placed in tension areas while other areas of the body are worked on. Leaving these hot stones in the tension areas will allow these targeted muscles to relax further and when manipulated release with ease. This massage still incorporates all the hand and arm manipulations that traditional massage has and is further enhanced with hot stone placement as well as massaging the targeted muscles.



This 60 min treatment uses Zengest Doterra essential oil along with stimulating abdominal techniques. Using light to firm pressure this massage is a practice that helps to tone and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. The abdominal massage helps when you’re trying to detoxify your body, great addition to any cleanse. This helps your digestive system tremendously by increases blood flow and oxygen to the organs, intestine and helps with emotional blocks.



This massage is customized to meet your needs. You choose the targeted areas and pressure of your massage. The treatment provider will create a space for you to let go and surrender all your stress, worries and tensions though sound, meditation and chant by drawing upon ancient rituals at the beginning and end of your treatment. This massage uses The Balance buddha body lotion to benefit the skin with hydrating active ingredients throughout the massage.



This is a decadent full body massage including the tummy and chest. Over the sheets gentle rocking, compression and sweeping movements ease you in to the journey with a feeling of care and safety and These beautiful transition are carried through out. Opening through breath and mantra as the treatment provider develops a safe and scared space for you to detangle from all that weighs you down, the to do list, the day to day stresses and even the many faces we wear as we leave our home and enter the world around us.

This thorough massage begins with a full back massage then transitions to movement that flow from the toes to the gluts to the shoulders down the arms to the hands. long sweeping movements create a free flowing vibration as the treatment provider works one entire side of the body at a time. This massage is done without any undergarments on. The treatment provider will use a variety of techniques using firm, light and or medium pressure to meet the needs of your body and desired goals. When you are invited to move on to your back the treatment provider will bring awareness back to the breath and guide you in such a way as to not disturb the harmony cultivated. Will continue massage up the legs and then to the abdomen and chest. blending movements from the thigh to the abdomen down the arm and closing with our signature arm stretch!


All massages are non registered, recipt will be given with the intent of keeping for your personal records & not to be used to claim on ontario health benefits or other. I claim no medical benefit from receiving these treatments & recommend consulting your doctor if you have concerns about receiving any of the treatments listed.