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Giving you the opportunity to connect to your higher power, self and the universe

INFINITY MASSAGE​                                       150$                       90 min   

This massage is targeted to relax the body, mind & soul. Starting with a smudge of the space and an opening breath of DoTerra's “balance” essential oil. placing one hand on the root chakra and one hand on the heart to join thesse two energies as we open the experience. Using a nourishing yin touch to a firm yang pressure this massage flows from the toes to the glutes to the shoulders down the arms to the hands using long sweeping movements along one entire side of the body working the larger muscle groups. This massage is ayurvedic/holistic style and done without any undergarments on. The treatment provider will drape your vessel comfortably and use finger, hand, arms and elbow movements to meet the needs of your body and desired goals while being guided in meditation and breath awareness.


MEDITTION MASSAGE                                 150$                       90 min   

Meditation and massage have valuable healing benefits to the mind and body. This is a holistic approach to healing both physical and mental stress. Guided meditation for the full treatment, breathing techniques such as noticing the breath, elongating the breath and breath retention oxygenate, purify and clear your being.   Your customized massage will free any stagnant energy in body. Gentle tones and vibrations of crystal singing bowls will further your ability to let go of day to day stresses and aid in the  healing of this treatment.  Re-awaken with mantra sounds OOO, MMM, AAA to ground, comfort and release any frequencies that are no longer needed for you to awaken in to the highest expression of your self. 

PRESSURE POINT MASSAGE                   200$                        120 min       

This massage stimulates the pressure points of the front and back of the body. helping to relieve pain, improve circulation and channel the flow of chi ~ energy. There are hundreds of pressure points all over the body. Most are found in soft tissue near bundles of nerves and joints, we will focus on these and other major meridian.  This is a unique massage that combines full head to toe massage while activating specific pressure points in the body with tuning forks and a affirmations to deepen results and over all experience. 

CROWN MASSAGE                                        150$                       90 min

                                                                               200$                      120 min          

This treatment begins with an inviting mantra chant of peace and gratitude. Touching on the feet, chest, shoulders, neck, face, and of course a decant scalp massage using warmed Argon oil. This oil hydrates while a scalp massage is performed to release tension throughout. A variety of techniques that create an energy of safety and trust open the massage. moving from the heart, wrapping around the shoulders up the neck activating the energy meridian here. Intentional pressure guides the flow of this massage releasing tension and blockages from the throat chakra third eye and crown. Weighted Tuning Forks are places on the Nadis or energy centers on the chest, neck, scalp and face. Audible tuning forks are also used to alter your state of being, calm the nervous system and rebalance your frequency.

THE LIMB MASSAGE                                      150$                       90 min 

                                                                               200$                      120 min        

In this massage we focus on the limbs. While laying on a pillow filled heated massage table with a neck pillow and sleep mask as we create safe sacred space.  Touch begins on the feet where the treatment provider pulls specialized movements from reflexology to  thoroughly massage muscles in the feet leading up to the legs. full abdominal massage awakens and detoxifies the organs. then movements blend in to hand and arm massage with a welcoming arm stretch. This offering closes with shoulder, neck and scalp massage as well as a neck stretch that creates space between the vertebra alleviating tension in the full back body to the neck . 

enhance your experience with tuning forks applied to the acupressure meridians on the back of the body,  helping to rebalance the flow of energy in the 180 min session. 


HOT STONE                                                      200$                     120 min                                                    

This hot stone massage is wonderful on a cold day and great for tight muscles as the hot stones are placed in tension areas while other areas of the body are worked on. Leaving these hot stones in the tension areas will allow these targeted muscles to relax further and when manipulated release with ease. This massage still incorporates all the hand, arm, elbow, finger techniques that traditional massage has and is further enhanced with hot placement stones and hot stones soothing the muscles of the body. 

ABDOMINAL MASSAGE                              150$                       90 min   

This treatment uses Zengest DoTerra essential oil along with stimulating abdominal techniques. Using medium to firm pressure this massage is a practice that helps to tone and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. The abdominal massage helps when you’re trying to detoxify your body, great addition to any cleanse. This helps your digestive system tremendously by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the organs, intestine, aids in elimination and helps with emotional blocks. Full abdominal, chest and arm massage with an arm stretch, great for lymphatic drainage. Neck shoulders, scalp and face message with a gentle neck stretch complete this offering. 

HOLISTIC MASSAGE                                  200$                        120 min 

                                                                            300$                        180min         

This is a decadent full body massage including the tummy and chest. Over the sheets gentle rocking, compression and sweeping movements ease you in to the journey with a feeling of care and safety and These beautiful transition are carried through out. Opening through breath and mantra as the treatment provider develops a safe and scared space for you to detangle from all that weighs you down, the to do list, the day to day stresses and even the many faces we wear as we leave our home and enter the world around us.

This thorough massage begins with a full back massage then transitions to movement that flow from the toes to the gluts to the shoulders down the arms to the hands. long sweeping movements create a free flowing vibration as the treatment provider works one entire side of the body at a time. This massage is done without any undergarments on. The treatment provider will use a variety of techniques using firm, light and or medium pressure to meet the needs of your body and desired goals. When you are invited to move on to your back the treatment provider will bring awareness back to the breath and guide you in such a way as to not disturb the harmony cultivated. Will continue massage up the legs and then to the abdomen and chest. blending movements from the thigh to the abdomen down the arm and closing with our signature arm stretch!



Signature massages will open with gentle sounds of chimes, bells and an opening breath of DoTerra essential oil to brings your awareness from the chaos of life, in to the present moment. Then you will be guided in connecting with your breath and body and encouraged to elongate your inhales and exhales to the rhythm of  your treatment provider. Both of you grounding in to the space and sensing the most active and alive energies at play. You will be smudged with sage, sumac and lavender to clear unnecessary energies, invite harmony and align with your higher self while tucked between sheets. Your feet are then cleansed with a warm towel and shea butter is applied. Body rocking and compressions flow from the feet to the shoulders and slowly ease you in to the experience. Through out your session your treatment provide will take you on a journey through the body and leave you with your breath and higher self, while melody's from the gods are chanted to enhance your connection to the source, self and the divine messages that are meant for you.  When the treatment is closing you will be safely brought back in to your body and this reality and encouraged to take some time to settle back in to the physical before rising up from the experience. 


Giving you the opportunity to connect to your higher power, self and the universe

Beautiful Massage Ritual                          $250                                              2.5 hours

Infused with DoTerra beautiful body mist and essential oil which carrying an uplifting & energizing aroma, hydrates and leaves the skin with a healthy glow. This experience will incorporate the enchanting sounds of mystical instruments with calm meditative verbiage and soft tones to inspire a sense of spiritual mystery & fascination, while providing a safe & sacred space to let go relax and discover your inner truths. Limbs, back, stomach, hands, feet, scalp & face are massaged + Universal life force energy (Reiki) is awoken and present through out this entire experience. A vitamin E mask paired with powerhouse cell strengthening essential oils are massaged in to the chest, neck, shoulders, scalp & face to treat and revive the skin. This treatment has 3 main components 💫 purifying the frequency of the entire being 💫90 min holistic massage 💫thorough and revitalizing crown massage

Bundle Massage Ritual                                $ 250                                       2.5 hours

This is a wonderful treatment using fresh herbs such as St johns wart, Holey basil, Rose petals, Chamomile, Pau D'arrco bark, Calendula petals, Sarsaparilla root, Senna leaf, Acai berry, Cardamom seed & more. This massage has many benefits such as providing relief from pain, inflammation, swelling and stiffness of joints. Improves circulation. Increases the peripheral blood supply, so it also helps in improving complexion of the skin. Induces good sleep and reduces stress. It relieves body ache and strengthens muscles and skin. It has detoxifier properties for the skin, removes the toxins through the pores of the skin, and lowers the tendency of skin diseases.


This treatment opens by grounding your vibe from the stars in the sky and the clouds passing by to just the sound of your breath and rhythm of your heart beat. Sitting in a comfy papasan chair and supported with many pillows, eyes closed and feet soaking in warm water with earth stones: black obsidian, hematite and basalt. Tuning forks are used while you are guided in releasing any lower vibrational frequencies and a scalp massage using specialized techniques prepares you for the experience. You will be gently reawoken and brought in to the treatment room to undress and get comfortable in the heated massage bed. The space will be smudged and warm herbal bundles are pounded over the entire body (these bundles have been soaking in your massage oil to release the essence of the herbs in to your massage oil). The infinity massage is performed along with tuning forks on the body and warm jade stones on the feet and calves. You are brought back to your body by the sound of chimes and words that speak to each chakra.

All massages are non registered, recipt will be given with the intent of keeping for your personal records & not to be used to claim on ontario health benefits or other. I claim no medical benefit from receiving these treatments & recommend consulting your doctor if you have concerns about receiving any of the treatments listed.