Reflexology treatments are profound in nature, here we have a few ways to experience the healing :

Initial Reflexology treatment (90 min) - $110

Reflexology treatment (60 min) - $85

Reflexology Pedicure (120 min) - $135

Sacred Clearing Reflexology (120 min) - $170

Reflexology is a non-invasive, natural therapy derived from the study of reflexes based on the principle that the reflexes of the feet map to other parts, organs and glands of the body. Through the application of pressure on these reflexes a reflexology therapist can communicate with the body via the nervous system. Specific hand and finger techniques allow a reflexology therapist to :

• Relief stress and tension

• Improved circulation

• Support to the body to function optimally

We are (RCRT) registered certified reflexologist therapist; meaning that you will be provided a receipt for your health benefits. Reflexology is a profound and treatment that can be utilized as method of healing after injury, surgery, illness, stress, disease or when the physical and or emotional body is out of balance.


The body is always trying to heal itself and find that space of harmony, but at times, needs help. Reflexology can restore and maintain the body’s natural balance and functioning. Our treatments focus on both the spiritual and physical technique to release blockages while :

• Produce endorphins

• Decrease pain

• Reduce stress

• Calm the mind and body

• Re-balance the body

• Increase mobility

• Improve body function

• Improve nerve and blood supply

• Stimulate the lymphatic system

• Boost the immune system

• Increase oxygen to all tissues

• Aid in eliminating excess waste products and fluids

• Enhance wellness