Sanitation Procedures

BALANCE at the spa Yoga + Retreat Centre exceeds sanitation expectation, using both natural and chemical cleansers to ensure that there is no cross contamination. With not one issues in my 12 years in the industry. We pride our selves on providing a safe and clean environment. 








Stainless steel Implements 

> These are tools we use in hand rituals (manicure), foot rituals (pedicures), facials and waxing.

> Tools such as cuticle pushers, cuticle nippers, comedone extractors, nail cleaner, tweezers.


> These tools are soaked in a medical grade chemical cleaner called ACCEL PREempt CS20 Disinfectant. This is a medical grade cleaner and tools are left to soak in here for  20 minutes

> The solutions is changed from its container every 14 days. 

> Tools are then cleansed with soap and water to scrub the cleaner off as it is corrosive.

> Tools are sprayed with a 70% alcohol dilution and left to dry in an area that is dedicated to sanitation and then placed in a box to cover them & keep them organized. 

> This protocol is up to date and proven effective in the destruction of all forms of microbial life, including bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi.


> Gloves are one time use and always used in body waxing.

> Wax maintains appropriate 

temperature to insure safe application.

> Wax strips and sticks are one time use.

> We focus on speed waxing.

Here we use one stick to gather as much wax as needed dispense it on to the client. Then using this stick to spread the wax out.

> Sticks are used one time and placed on a tissue during the treatment and thrown away when completed. 


>Waxing is completed with the Balanced buddha body oil and tea tree oil application and a hot towel.


> Facial waxing may include tee tree oil and a cold compression. all one time use and discarded after use.  


> New washed sheets and face cradle for each guest.

> Massage oil bottles, essential oil bottles, massage table, door and door nobs, both treatment provider and clients chairs, floors, garbage can, hot towel cabby, and trolley sanitized with 70% alcohol. 

> Treatment provider washed hands up to elbows with soap and water before and after each service

Day to day cleaning

>Bleach water dilution used for bathroom, counter tops, shower ect.

> Laundry is done in house daily

> Linens are thrown away every 3-4 months and new stock purchased

> Private entrance door stanitized regularly.

> Bathroom freshened between clients, deep cleaned every 3 days including toilet, walls, baseboards, floor sink and mirror, hand towels are new for each client.

> Garbage's emptied daily

> Floors swept and moped minimum 1X per day

> Regular monthly cleans including walls, door frames, baseboards, deep clean of all furniture, shelves, cupboards. 


> In facials when dealing with problem skin we use "sharps". This is an instrument that punctures the skin to release the breakout.


> Sharps are no re used. This is one time only

>After this object has been used it is placed in a "Sharps Container", this is a leak resistant container with a fill line designed for safe disposal of sharps.