What is tantra?

Tantra allows you to be fully present with the experience of being in your body. Enticing all your senses and activating your whole being so you can embody your yumminess in full expression. 

Working with the energetics of your being from your base or root chakra and moving up to the crown chakra at the top of your head and using techniques such as breath, visualization, sound, locks and connection

to cultivate a safe space to explore your depth and diversity in a way that feels good to your whole body and lands in bliss.

Tantric massage 

Yoga Thai Tantra  Massage                        $325                    3 hours 

Opening in a yoga Thai tantric ritual and honoring the god/goddess within, this treatment is done in your raw form with no sheets  so you can truly meet yourself. Yoga Thai tantric ritual: here I am cultivating safety and trust uniting the root charka and the heart chakra by placing my hands on these meridians while softy chanting in Sanskrit a mantra to honor the god/goddess within. Sanskrit is the language of the gods and by introducing these vibrations we are calling upon these entities inviting their powerful energies into the experience. Your energetic body must be open to receiving the healing energies that are cultivated in this experience. By listening to the most active and alive energies I will be able to guide you in directing the energy so you can organize the frequencies that make up your soul with the intention of coming back into harmony with the purest version of yourself. I will open the body in a variety of yogic movements aswell as activating pressure point along the limbs and then move into the holistic massage and close with tunings forks.

Holistic massage: This is a decadent full body massage including the back body, tummy, chest, face, and scalp. Using light, medium, or firm pressure this massage starts on the front of the body with warm towels and compressions on the feet. I will use specialized reflexology techniques to thoroughly massage the muscles of the feet leading up the legs to the groin and move into a full abdominal massage. movements will then flow from the thighs to the chest and move in to a beautiful arm stretch over head. Chest neck shoulder and scalp are massaged before Tuning forks are applied to meridians/energy centers on the front of the body from the crown to the toes. (check out the site for more on tuning forks) and a neck stretch completed the front of the body. You will flip on to your tummy and the full back of the body is massage with long sweeping movements flowing from the toes to the shoulders down the arms to the hands massage one entire side of the body at a time.

Meditation: during this treatment I will guide you in meditation and you are encouraged to participate to the best of your ability as pranayama (breath practices) will be introduced to strengthen your life force and allow for a transcendent experience. Open communication will help connect with your experience and maintain your comfort level.


Tantric manifestation massage 

description coming soon 


Dream life journey

Using tantra and intention for example: to over come ercitite disfunction. Your intention can be self love and learning how to create a self pleasure practice. I love to also use this journey as a way to amplify, purify and heal the body by activating and awakening the medicine that is Energy. harnessing it from around you while awakening it from within you to flood your body with a variety of high vibrational frequencies to heal your body and so much more. Reach out for more details


tantric yoga session

description coming soon 


Consultation is required upon booking all tantric experience