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   Full aesthetics treatments list






All body waxing is completed with a  calming oil application along with a warm towel 


All facial waxing is completed with an antibacterial toner along with a  cool compress or ice cube to  prevent  the skin from breaking out 


Brow –$  15

Lip – $ 12


Chin – $ 15


Side burns - $ 15


Bikini – $ 35


French bikini – $ 45


Brazilian – $ 55


Half leg  - $ 35


Full leg bikini - $ 95


Full leg brazilian – $ 110


Underarm – $ 25


Back - $ 40


Chest - $ 50


Stomach - $ 30


Half arm - $ 30


Full arm - $ 40

Eyebrow tinting - $ 25


Eyelash tinting - $ 35


​​Hand Ritual –$ 55                                                   60 min


​​Enjoy a traditional manicure with a thorough clean up and full hand and arm exfoliation as well as a heated massage to get your hands ready for any occasion. Before we begin you are giving time to connect to yourself, reflect on what you would like to rid from your life as well as what you would like to embrace. Sage is burned to cleanse the room allowing just your energy to be present. Before polish application you burn your "what you would like to ride" and meditate on "what you would like to embrace" while we polish. leaving you mentally and physically renewed. 


Signature hand Ritual  – $65                                      75 min


Pamper your hands with a through clean up including exfoliation paraffin and heated massage butter from The Balanced Buddha. TRIND healthy nail treatment along with your favourite polish colour are applied. We offer vegan, OPI, morgan taylor and more! This ritual begins with a sage cleanse of your self and the room to clean any energy creating a space meant for just you. Positive affirmations are spoke before your treatment and while soaking you are giving time to reflect on what you would like to rid from your life and what you would like to embrace. Upon completing your treatment we burn your "what you would like to rid affirmation". Before leaving you are given a gift, a special way to embrace your positive affirmation. call the spa for more information ! 



Foot Ritual  –   $ 65                                                 60 min       

Enjoy a traditional pedicure with a thorough clean up and full leg and foot exfoliation, as well as a heated massage to get your feet ready for any occasion! beginning your treatment you are giving time to connect to yourself, reflect on what you would like to rid from your life as well as what you would like to embrace. Sage is burned to cleanse the room allowing just your energy to be present along with the tune of singing bowls. Before polish application you burn your "what you would like to ride" and meditate on "what you would like to embrace" while we polish.


Signature foot Ritual –  $ 75                                     75 min      

Pamper your feet with an aromatherapy foot soak while enjoying a hand and arm massage! Foot and leg exfoliation polish feet after thorough cuticle work, nail shaping and foot filing. Heated massage butter and paraffin heat treatment revive the feet. TRIND heathy nail treatment is used as a base before applying your favourite polish.

Reflexology Pedicure - $ 85                                                        95 min

Looking to try something new but still want all the traditional toe, foot & nail work? This is the pedicure for you! Beginnings with soaking the feet in warm water while your eyes are closed with a warm towel relaxing the muscles of the neck, you will hear a soft mantra chant & OM to open the treatment. Then a traditional clean up with aromatic sugar scrub revive the feet. A full 60 min reflexology treatment not only relaxes the toes but also promotes detoxification & renewal threw out the entire body. Finishing off with your favorite polish colour.

IONIC FOOT BATH -     65 $       45 MIN

The Ion Detoxifying footbath is essentially electrolysis of water to break down water molecules into thousands of ions that in turn create an electromagnetic energy field that travels through the feet and permeates the body. Once inside the body these ions start to neutralize the toxins within the body and draw them out of the body through osmosis. The ions increase the body’s life energy. This safe and painless tool is used to detoxify and balance the energy meridians of the body by the creation of this ionic field which helps to neutralize and eliminate harmful free radicals while removing unwanted debris. At the same time the treatment helps to balance the pH of the body. During the foot bath the body easily absorbs negative ions which neutralize free radicals and allow cells to more readily release toxins and absorb oxygen.

luxury packages


this beautiful treatment begins with full body massage, using fractionated coconut oil to regunivate the skin !  Manicured fingers and toes to complete this blissful package. TRIND healthy nail treatment strengthens and repairs nail beds. All natural RAW body scrub with customized aromatherapy polishes and brightens skins feel and appearance.

Mani Pedi Massage                                $ 180.                                        3 hours

perfect for any special occasion ! This is this complete package using RAW, certified organic,  cruelty free , kosher ingredients to replenish and restore the skins natural appearance while treating both hands and arms, fingers and toes to leave you feeling like never before ! With a clear mind and relaxed body your polished fingers and toes your ready for any event, party, anniversary or Holliday !

Facial Mani Pedi.                                    $ 180                                        3 hours

the pedicure for the royalty of pedicures! This journey begins with your eyes closed and cool weighted eye pads placed over your eyes while you experience the aroma of Moroccan argon oil. Warmed oil massaged in to the scalp relaxes any tensions with vigorous strong yet soothing movements. Now if that's just the beginning Imagine how the pedicure will be !! Hears a hint ... There is an exfoliation, warmed RAW organic kosher cruelty free foot butter and paraffin wax treatment !!

Pedicure Indian Head Massage             $ 125                                     2 hours

treat your body to the ultimate renewal. Align all your chakras with this whole body and healing treatment. By massaging the skin with warmed RAW oils and butters customize to meet the needs of your skin. Every ingredient hand picked and with pure intent ! Relax sore muscles with an hour body massage using stones along with Reiki treatment to focus on balancing the body and spirit! Completing this package your skin will be cleansed toned and exfoliated as well as treated and replenished. Using organic pure kosher RAW ingredients your skin knows best.

Facial Body Massage                            $ 200                                            3 hours

This is a decadent full body treatment that includes an abundance of hydrating oils and butter such as avocado, hemp, jojoba, chia, Shea, cocoa, VE. These oils are applied to the entire body and left on for 45 + min. As you are wrapped in this bundle of joy a relaxing scalp massage using argon oil calms the mind and brings you to that blissful space. This treatment also includes a warm paraffin treatment on the feet. After your scalp massage your therapist will continue with a full head to toe massage, targeting any specific issues if requested.

Hydrating Body Wrap                          $ 175                                               2 hours

Beginning with a full body dry brush exfoliation awakening the skin cells. Moving in to a full body cream application using Shea, cocoa, coconut oil, VE, beeswax, jojoba and avocado oil and paraffin application on hands feet and face. While paraffin deepens hydration a guided meditation allows you to reach your bliss.

Paraffin Body Wrap                                 $ 175                                                2 hours